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Extreme fatigue


Extreme Fatigue

Extreme Fatigue refers to lack of energy or tiredness of whole body. There are many causes of Extreme fatigue such as alcohol and other drugs.


A 37-year-old female presented with digestive complaints, carb cravings, ‘overwhelming fatigue’, trouble concentrating at work, and unable to play with her daughter after work due to feeling tired all the time.

She couldn’t remember feeling ‘normal’ since before she had her daughter 6 years ago. She did not have difficulty falling asleep and often went to bed as early as 8pm. However she often woke during the night and could not fall back asleep due to ‘over-thinking’.

She had also been struggling to reduce her weight and had actually been gaining weight for the past 6 years. She complained of reflux, heaviness and discomfort after meals, especially those containing fat (which she has long tried to avoid in her diet), explaining that this may have something to do with her having her gall bladder removed a few years prior.


She was prescribed a compounded mixture of 1,500 mg of Taurine (to assist with bile flow, metabolism of fats, support for detoxification & potentially weight management), and 200mg of 5-HTP (to support her sleep & appetite cravings).

The patient was also supported to cut out take-away/junk foods & sugary drinks, and advised not to consume caffeine after 12 pm.
She was also advised to quit her after-work wine habit and exercise every morning (yoga, walking).


After just 2 weeks of treatment, the patient reported that although the first few days of changing her habits was hard, she had started feeling a lot better after just 1 week. After 2 weeks, not only did she have more energy, she reported getting a ‘rumbly tummy’ once again whenever she got hungry, and felt that she digested food more completely, feeling ‘lighter’ and more regular. She also reported better sleep.

As her digestive capacity had improved she was prescribed a daily teaspoon of Arctic Cod Liver Oil (divided into half at breakfast and dinner, to help supply natural Vitamin A and D as fat-soluble nutrients she was deficient in, from her long standing fat malabsorption) and continuation of another batch of the compounded Taurine/5-HTP formula mixture.

After 4 weeks, her improved fat-soluble detoxification may have assisted with the increased energy she felt, as well as her self-reported ‘hormonal balance’.
offered to ‘boost’ her next script of compounded formula with some added Acetyl-Carnitine, to provide even further support for fat metabolism on a cellular level (helping mitochondria break down fat for energy).

She is excited to continue making more changes in her life thanks to the great improvements in her wellbeing that she has experienced, and is starting to plan a holiday with her young family.

Mechanisms of Action



Taurine is a substrate for Bile Synthesis, fat metabolism and Phase II conjugation directly.

(Key to those seeking to support liver health, as well as assisting those working on hormone and toxin excretion, as well as better assimilation of Omega 3 EFAs, Vitamin D and A from the diet and supplements.)

Taurine may also assist in body fat reduction by reducing central adiposity and increasing insulin sensitivity, providing key support in type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Supplementing Taurine can have a calming effect on nervous system allowing better nervous system balance and rest (by increasing activity of the GAD enzyme responsible for decreasing Glutamates, and can directly stimulate GABA receptors). Taurine deficiency in neuronal cells will therefore make them more prone to over-excitation.



5-HTP is an intermediate precursor to Serotonin in the body. It is used clinically to support balanced neurotransmitters, mood, sleep (by increasing the length of REM sleep), & appetite (by managing carbohydrate cravings, satiety and digestive regularity).

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