Integrative Naturopath – Iridologist – Nutrition B.Sc – Medical Herbalist – Live Blood Analysis – Anatomy & Physiology – Meridian Touch Psychotherapy
SNHS Advance DIPLOMA – B.Sc Nutrition – ACONT Certified & Insured

Benjamin McAvoy
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ACONT is a TGA Schedule 1 listed association (Therapeutic Goods Act 1990, Section 42AA, Attachment 2).
Benjamin’s Membership & Registration Number is 602019

let me tell you about myself

  • Benjamin is a leading Naturopath, with a special interest in hormonal, Thyroid, gut health and DNA testing; Benjamin also believes in an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based natural medicine, and works closely with GP’s and Specialists.
  • Based in the Hunter Valley NSW, Benjamin has spent many years specialising in health and wellbeing and has completed many studies in the natural health field. Benjamin studies have awarded him Advance Diploma of Herbal Medicine, a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Advance Diploma of Iridology, all providing in depth study into each area of Naturopathy.
  • Benjamin has a warm, realistic approach mixed with a strong emphasis on education and patient responsibility which helps to inspire patients to be proactive about their health and make long term changes in their diet and lifestyle that will serve them well in the years to come.
  • Using an evidence based approach to natural medicine, Benjamin uses a variety of comprehensive screening and functional pathology tests to scientifically assess your health, formulate the most effective treatment plan and monitor your progress, to ensure you get the best results.
  • Benjamin is also passionate about educating and empowering people to achieve and maintain optimal health and is committed to providing the highest quality health care.
  • Digestive Problems; IBS, Gut Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, Coeliac disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s
  • Stress Management, Fatigue and Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Allergies and Food Sensitivities
  • Immunity and Auto-Immune Issues; Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s, Frequent Infections
  • Emotional Wellbeing; Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Pyroluria and MTHFR gene mutation
  • Children’s Health; ASD, ADD, ADHD, SPD, ODD
  • Men’s &Women’s Health; Fertility, Preconception Care, Pregnancy, Hormone Balance, Testosterone PMS, and Menopause
  • Cardiovascular Health, cholesterol, Lipids, Triglycerides.

Customers reviews

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Highly highly recommended Ben is extremely gifted, he will be able to inform you of what is going on before you even say a word. Ben’s healing and treatment is outstanding you wished you had met him sooner with healing, supplements and his knowledge and advice is outstanding.
He will find issues and fix them that no one could, you will feel so blessed to see this remarkable healer. I cannot thank you enough.
DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR make an Appointment Today.
Tammy T
Sydney NSW / Australia September 2019
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What an amazing Experience. the way Benjamin just touched my hand and wrote down what was wrong with my health was quite astounding… this man has a gift that I have never quite seen before. Just sitting with him changed my thoughts, energy and gave me enlightenment beyond any experience I have ever received in my life. I would have to say, having him in your neighbourhood is truly a gods gift. go and see him.

Update: My Partner went to see him Last month, what a huge turn around for her.! Goodness me, No neck pain, no back pain, no leg pain. He just run a finger from the top of her spine to her lower back and all her symptoms when away. Benjamin also mentioned that she had a Misdiagnosed thyroid issue and pre diabetic issues that our GP did not pick up. Wrote a letter to the GP and “Bingo” Graves disease and liver function was all over the place. Now she is being treated with herbs and other mindfulness methods Benjamin.
When we sit with him, everything changes, can not explain, it’s as if something other worldly indeed that takes over and helps us all.

Benjamin mentioned that he was quite with his work! this is insane – Make use of him I tell you all, or he will be gone.
We traveled 5 hours to visit him from South of Sydney.
Our Family appreciates you.

Cooper D
South Sydney NSW / Australia August 2020
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Ben is a master of many modalities. Whether you are after science or something more spiritual, he has the knowledge and expertise to help. Ben is a straight-shooter and is conscious of the money merry-go-round involved in medications and supplements. Sick of the typical ‘band-aid’ approach mainstream medicine offers, I recently sought Ben’s health advice and guidance. Suffering with thyroid issues, parasites and adrenal fatigue for years, Ben has me feeling 200 times better than ever in just a couple of months. Thorough blood analysis, iridology and divine guidance pointed us to the root cause of the issues which are now being treated affectively. I have so much faith and trust in Ben, I now have him treating my family.
Kylie B
Newcastle  NSW / Australia March 2020
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Benjamin is extremely knowledgable naturopath/iridologist and healer. He is a wonderful listener and I felt he was the first person to really hear what i was saying and look at what was going on in my body in a holistic way. I found mainstream doctors did not take my symptoms seriously or fobbed me off with a quick fix and i did not feel any better. Ben has helped me with dietary, hormonal and mental health issues. I have been very happy with the results following Ben’s dietary advice and using the natural supplements that he has recommended. I have way more energy, have lost weight and feel better in myself. Highly recommend his services.
Rebecca H
Maitland NSW Australia
July 2019