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My Testimonials & Reviews

Krystal S
Krystal SMid Coast NSW 2020
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I first saw Benjamin at the start of this year for issues with my eyes and vision, my session turned into so much more, we addressed things that had been with me for years and got to work on those too. Benjamin has truly changed my life, and that of my partner, he went to see Benjamin after he saw how amazing my session was. We had irridology, aura photos and pellowah. I had been seeing naturopaths for years but Benjamin blew me away with his next level supplements that he makes himself. He is beyond reasonable for them and his sessions. You will go far and pay triple the amount and still not find someone as mind blowingly awesome as he is. My partner and I highly recommend Benjamin to everyone we meet that could benefit from his help, it would be awful not to. His supplements are worth buying even if you don’t need a session. A true gem for anyone lucky enough to find him.
Teegan K
Teegan KNewcastle NSW April 2020
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I saw Ben a few months ago with a very sore and annoying shoulder. With 1 visit my shoulder was fixed and I have’nt had an issue with it since. Recently (2 days ago), I have been to see Ben again with various health issues. Benjamin’s knowledge and advice is very professional and calming. If you are looking for a Naturopath that you can feel 100% comfortable with and not pressured then Ben is the person for you.I will be seeing Ben again soon and will continue to see him! I am a very sceptical person but I could’nt recommend Ben enough. Do yourself a favour and go see him.
Rebecca H
Rebecca HMaitland NSW May 2020
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Benjamin is a talented practitioner, he really listens and helps formulate a plan to treat your physical and emotional conditions. I have really valued our sessions and am feeling more well and healthy than I have in years.
AJ M Newcastle NSW June 2020
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Ben is a knowledgeable and intuitive healer. I took my daughter to see him for eczema in May 2020. Drawing from a range of non-invasive natural therapies, he treated her eczema and the underlying causes while providing her with herbs and simple strategies to reduce her to symptoms and feel better in herself. He has an easygoing, relaxed nature, an inquisitive mind and an ability to ‘tune in’ and facilitate real healing. I would happily recommend Benjamin McAvoy Integrative Naturopath
Cooper D
Cooper DSouth Sydney NSW June 2020
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What an amazing Experience. the way Benjamin just touched my hand and wrote down what was wrong with my health was quite astounding… this man has a gift that I have never quite seen before. Just sitting with him changed my thoughts, energy and gave me enlightenment beyond any experience I have ever received in my life. I would have to say, having him in your neighbourhood is truly a gods gift. go and see him. Update: My Partner went to see him Last month, what a huge turn around for her.! Goodness me, No neck pain, no back pain, no leg pain. He just run a finger from the top of her spine to her lower back and all her symptoms when away. Benjamin also mentioned that she had a Misdiagnosed thyroid issue and pre diabetic issues that our GP did not pick up. Wrote a letter to the GP and “Bingo” Graves disease and liver function was all over the place. Now she is being treated with herbs and other mindfulness methods Benjamin. When we sit with him, everything changes, can not explain, it’s as if something other worldly indeed that takes over and helps us all. Benjamin mentioned that he was quite with his work! this is insane – Make use of him I tell you all, or he will be gone. We traveled 5 hours to visit him from South of Sydney. Our Family appreciates you.

“My mission of Spiritual Awareness is to provide a safe environment of unconditional love and acceptance, supporting all seekers on their paths of personal and spiritual transformation.”

Benjamin McAvoy, Founder

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