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Thank you for coming to my newly created donation page, over the last few years I have observed increasingly that times are becoming difficult and some people just can not afford to receive natural  treatment.  During this time I have seen an enormous spike in mental and emotional health issues and other debilitating illnesses within the local and general community. 

Many of these beautiful individuals are appearing at my door step in desperate need of help, while others stay away and wont ask for the support they need due to financial struggles.

I am determined to carry out my mission to help those in need. as I believe everyone should have an opportunity to be supported and regain their health regardless of their financial status.

For those who know me and the way I operate you will understand my nature.  To continue my mission to help all I asking for past, present and future clients, the general public and businesses to donate and offer a helping hand.

This is a call out for ongoing help, so I can always open my door to those in need. This will also allow others to confidently refer people they know could benefit from my work, regardless of their financial situation.

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