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I believe in a Spiritual Awareness Community that represents a physical manifestation of the spiritual centre within each of us.  As a Ordained Minister I  acknowledge the Divinity fully present in everyone and everything. By accepting our divine nature we become co-creators with God and we take full responsibility for the world we thus create. We are all connected on a spiritual level. The natural result of accepting God as part of everything is reverence for our Mother earth.

I have been described as a gifted Naturopathic Healer with over 20 years experience. Through various methods I am able to help people understand their purpose and find a clearer life focus.

Together with you – the client – I seek to turn your confusion into clarity.

My Specialities are as follows:- Intergrative Naturopath, Live Blood Analysis, Iridologist, Herbalist, Bachelor Of Science in Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis.

My Sessions & Consulation style is warm, confident and compassionate, with clear direct messages and insights. I can work with or without questions, but always and frequently have information and answers to things you haven’t even asked about.

“My mission of Spiritual Awareness is to provide a safe environment of unconditional love and acceptance, supporting all seekers on their paths of personal and spiritual transformation.”

Benjamin McAvoy, Founder

Benjamin's Belief's

Love to all

Minister Benjamin McAvoy

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