Why Should You Pay for a Psychic Reading?


Why Should You Pay for a Psychic Reading? 

When it comes to psychic readings, many people wonder why they cost money. After all shouldn’t anything related to spirituality be free? Some feel that if a psychic is truly authentic they should not charge for their gifts. 

  1. Is it fair for psychics to charge money?
  2. Why should you pay for a psychic reading?
  3. A Service and a Fee If you need work on your car and take it to a mechanic, do you expect to pay? 
  4. What about going to a doctor when you are ill?
  5. Don’t you pay a fee or at least a co-pay?

Even among more creative services, payment is expected. If you like a song and want to own it, shouldn’t the musician get paid for his or her work?
Isn’t that why we have such strict rules and laws around piracy and copyrights?
Psychics provide a service just like any other business. And just like any other business there are expenses involved like taxes, rent and overhead.
Why should psychic services be any different? 
Is it because they are spiritual and hard to quantify? 

Perhaps it is due to people’s mindsets around metaphysical and other worldly matters. We often think of spirituality, philosophy and religion as higher-minded pursuits that don’t belong in the realm of money and commerce. We envision holy people or etheric types who are above material matters.
While it’s true that psychics are in touch with the higher spiritual realms, they still need to exist and function here in the material world. Psychics need food, clothing and shelter just like anyone else. Most have families that they need to provide for as well. How can these things be accomplished without money?

Psychics provide a service just like any other business. And just like any other business there are expenses involved like taxes, rent and overhead. In order to keep the business going while providing a service to you, they need to charge a fee. That’s just the reality of living in the material world.
Unscrupulous Scams? Another issue around fees for psychic readings comes from the fear of being scammed. Unfortunately there are people out there that are not working for your best interests. Some may not be as gifted as they say they are, while others pose as psychics and look to take your money. So understandably you may be cautious when parting with your hard earned cash for a psychic reading.

Psychic readings like any other service or business are subject to unscrupulous folks. Think about it. Haven’t you heard of mechanics that rip people off? Or building contractors who take money and never finish the work? And what about doctors who order unnecessary tests? Situations like these are common in every business.

Just because there are a few bad apples out there doesn’t mean everyone is out to get you. There are thousands of good qualified psychics and spiritual advisors out there doing a good job for a fair price. Try not to let the horror stories stop you from purchasing a psychic reading. Be smart and keep your eyes open when looking for a psychic. Ask for referrals, read reviews and testimonials.
Why You Should Pay and Why It’s Fair When it comes right down to it, yes you should pay for a psychic reading and yes it’s fair. When you seek a service there should be a fair exchange. A reading is a service, albeit a spiritual one. It is not only fair; it is good karma. Do you really think it’s equitable to get something for nothing?

By paying for a reading you are entering into an agreement with your psychic and with the Universe. You are telling both that you are willing to give your energy (represented by your money) to gain insight, wisdom and knowledge. By giving up something of value you expect value in return and you will likely appreciate it more. 

There’s an old saying from the Bible about casting pearls before swine. Free psychic information may not be valued as much as that charged for a fee. So go ahead and pay for those pearls of wisdom—they’re worth it!

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