NAC Powder-Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade N-Acetylcysteine


NAC Powder – NEW!

Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).


N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a sulphur-bearing amino acid key to numerous metabolic processes, including the synthesis of Glutathione, antioxidant and detoxification functions, as well as the regulation of various neurological and inflammation/immune mechanisms.

  • PACK SIZE100 g

  • SCOOP SIZE1 ml


  • DENSITY (g/ml)0.700


Key Ingredient Features

  •   Highest purity
  •   Improved palatability
  •   Consciously sourced
  •   Non animal origin
  •   Supports glutathione synthesis & detoxification
  •   Powerful mucolytic agent
  •   Scavenger of free radical
  •   Supports antiviral defenses
Quantity Price
1 $39.00
2 - 5 $35.00
6 - 11 $30.00
12+ $26.00

NAC Powder-Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade N-Acetylcysteine

Common Dosage Range: 700mg – 2800 mg per day

(It is advisable to begin supplementation at the low end of the dose range, increasing if required).

Each bottle of NAC Powder is clearly labelled with ingredient density, to facilitate ease of dosage calculations, and a scoop is provided with each bottle to assist with accurately determining patient doses according to your clinical judgement.

Can be taken with or without food.

Sufficient levels of Glycine, Glutamine, Zinc, Selenium and B-vitamins such as B3 & B5 (as well as recycling antioxidants such as vitamin C) are needed for optimum production and utilization of Glutathione. (Consider combined supplementation if deficiency of any of these is suspected).




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