Lipotropex (NEW! 300g)-Inner Strength supplements


Suggested Use: Adults take 3g (1 scoop) mixed with water (can be sipped from a water bottle). Multiple serves can be taken throughout the day as needed, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Lipotropex – NEW!

RN Lab’s Lipotropex (Lipotropic Complex) is a highly concentrated nutritional liver support formula.

Supports optimal liver function

Synergistic blend of high quality ingredients

Great tasting

Clinically versatile

Minimal potential for interference with other aspects of clinical care


Lipotropic compounds are those that help catalyse the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body. A lipotropic nutrient promotes or encourages the mobilisation of fat from the liver.

Lipotropics are necessary for the maintenance of a healthy liver, and for burning fat for additional energy thus easing the burden on the liver in processing lipids. Without lipotropics, fats and bile can become trapped in the liver, contributing to issues such as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), cirrhosis, hypercholesterolemia, Type 2 DM and obstructed fat metabolism.

Lipotropics differ from cholagogues and choleretics in that the latter are gastrointestinal agents that merely trigger the flow and production of bile (respectively), whereas Lipotropics provide the actual substrates necessary to produce bile and metabolise fats.




  • Forms conjugates with bile acids in the liver.
  • Increases cholesterol solubility and excretion.
  • Involved in the emulsification and absorption of lipids
    (and fat-soluble vitamins).
  • Facilitating balanced activity of liver enzymes.
  • Enhances longevity of hepatocytes in situations of liver damage.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Supports optimal glutathione metabolism.


  • Support healthy detoxification and liver function.
  • Supports balanced and healthy blood sugar levels.


  • Hepatoprotective activity via inhibition of specific CYP450 enzyme.
  • Stimulates liver regeneration.


  • Essential for fat metabolism and considered a lipotropic nutrient.
  • Functions as a methyl donor and it is required for proper liver function.


  • Component of bile and aids in hepatic function.
  • Protects the liver from free radical damage.
  • Supports the production of glutathione.
  • Key substrate for the detoxification of benzenes, phenols, and salicylates.


  • Improves aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase thus supporting liver enzymes.
  • Promotes glutathione production to protect hepatic cells.
  • Required for the transport of fatty acids, especially long-chain-fatty acids within the body.


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