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Popular social platforms are great but sometimes, all we need is be ourselves, go private, share our positives, our negatives, and virtually everything without being criticised.
And fortunately, there’s now a way to do that.
Introducing Our World and Beyond, a powerful and easy to use social media application that delivers you with everything you need to explore the world and even beyond.
With Our World and Beyond, you get every social media features you love. A social feed to access posts from other users, ability to like, comment, and follow another user, group messaging, chat rooms, emojis, emoticons, stickers, live videos, live chats, and sharing of photos and videos.
But that’s not all,
Send messages, make friends, follow people, get updates, and just express yourself knowing that everything is totally private with your data not being stored.
Ready to explore the world and beyond? Then download Our World and Beyond now App on the Play and iOS store.

Thank you Benjamin for a truly heart and mind opening session. I received wisdom and insights beyond my wildest expectations. Benjamin instantly identified the source of my discomfort and confusion, and provided me with actions (and inactions) to help whether my storms. I walked away from the session feeling empowered and in control of my life again. and I learned how to let go. I highly recommend a session or more with Benjamin if you have any questions about life path, purpose or passions. You will emerge more enlightened than you when you started. Thanks again Benjamin, very much. Zoe

Zoe S
Sydney NSW / Australia August 2018

Had a wonderful reading with Benjamin he was spot on with his gift. Help me to understand what was happening in my life and why. Thank you Benjamin I will visit with you again. P.S My back feels great. Liz

Elizabeth R
Mid Coast NSW / Australia August 2018

I went to Benjamin for a spiritual reading, he picked up that I had a sore knee which I had for 9 years of with constant pain, medically I was advised to lose weight and possibly a knee replacement. Benjamin asked “if he could give me treatment on my knee”, which I agreed and thinking to myself this won’t work I’ve heard it all before.! Within minutes after my treatment I had no pain whatsoever, Benjamin finished my reading and then walking out I couldn’t believe I had absolutely no pain in my knee,it was nothing short of a miracle, I was so surprised that now I could actually walk without a limp. I am still having trouble realising that Benjamin has actually cured me when no doctors could. Nine years of excruciating pain and it had taken Benjamin minutes to cure me, I still wake up some mornings wondering if the pain will come back, it’s been a week since my treatment and still zero pain. This is amazing. Thanks Benjamin ,I have a few more health problems and I will be seeking Ben’s help.

Christine C
Coraki NSW / Australia August 2018

Hello Ben, I came to you last week for a healing as I had been suffering with a constant and irritating pain in my leg. I’m now ecstatically happy to let you know that after the healing the pain subsided and the following day it completely disappeared. I’m not sure how you did it or what you did, but I am very happy to report that I no longer have any pain due to your healing hands! Thank you again Ben, you are a true wonder and a miracle worker and I would highly recommend you to family and friends, I actually have never come across anyone like you and am still in ore of what you did. Warm regards, Rhona.

Rhona H
Evans Head / Australia July 2018

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