Is Stress Affecting Your Microbiome?

  Chronic stress is all too prevalent and it can be a significant impediment to disease prevention and optimal health. Stress increases cortisol which may have a profound impact on the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota and metabolome, selectively decreasing beneficial bacteria and secretory IgA (sIgA). Thus, it is not surprising that clinical interventions implemented to resolve GI …

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Hypothyroidism and Anxietynxiety and depression

Hypothyroidism and Anxiety-What’s the connection

Hypothyroidism and anxiety affects too much a normal life. Hypothyroidism  affect your mood while anxiety affects your daily routine. The topic of hypothyroidism and anxiety is beyond complex. Trying to consume everything at once would be like trying to drink from a fire-hose.  Instead, this post will be divided into parts as we peel back …

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