Month: June 2021

Extreme fatigue

Extreme Fatigue Case Study-Healthline

Extreme Fatigue Extreme Fatigue refers to lack of energy or tiredness of whole body. There are many causes of Extreme fatigue such as alcohol and other drugs. EXAMPLE CASE STUDY: A 37-year-old female presented with digestive complaints, carb cravings, ‘overwhelming fatigue’, trouble concentrating at work, and unable to play with her daughter after work due …

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Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression Case Study-Symptoms and treatment

Anxiety and Depression Anxiety and depression are increasing  in the whole world very fast. There are a lots of symptoms such as feeling upset, sad, depressed and hopelessness etc. EXAMPLE CASE STUDY: A 35 year old woman presented with ongoing depression for the last 5 years. She continuously experienced strong feelings of apathy and sadness, …

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